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KWIZCAST is your weekly all-access pass into the world of live sports and entertainment production.  Industry veteran Greg Kwizak hosts in-depth conversations with fellow leaders in the field who work with some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment. Learn what drives these talented people and how they achieved success in some of the coolest jobs in the biz! Whether you just love live events, are currently in the business or aspire to be one day, KWIZCAST takes you backstage into this chaotic - yet wildly thrilling – world!

Jun 9, 2021

Brittany Summitt's portfolio includes music festivals and marquee sporting events such as the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and NHL Draft. As a freelancer, Brittany’s lifestyle allows her to feed her passion for travel and explore opportunities with a variety of creative agencies, teams, brands, and leagues. In this episode Brittany describes how to be a successful freelance producer, overcoming roadblocks while standing by her creative convictions, memorable moments, working the Super Bowl, and more.


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