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KWIZCAST is your weekly all-access pass into the world of live sports and entertainment production.  Industry veteran Greg Kwizak hosts in-depth conversations with fellow leaders in the field who work with some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment. Learn what drives these talented people and how they achieved success in some of the coolest jobs in the biz! Whether you just love live events, are currently in the business or aspire to be one day, KWIZCAST takes you backstage into this chaotic - yet wildly thrilling – world!

Jun 23, 2021

Scott O’Neil is one of the most respected, connected, and dynamic executives in the sports and entertainment industry. He has more than 25 years of experience leading NBA, NHL, and NFL organizations. In this episode Scott reflects on his roles and responsibilities as CEO at HBSE, supporting & investing in key societal initiatives, how to build a successful corporate culture, identifying what's most important, and lasting lessons from his newly released book - “Be Where Your Feet Are".


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Episode Time Stamps:

0:00 - Show Open

0:37 - Guest bio (Scott O'Neil)

2:21 - Battle at Kruger

8:29 - Building a positive corporate culture

12:22 - Effects of COVID

13:24 - Supporting & investing in societal initiatives 

17:53 - Social justice (learnings & actions)

25:08 - Scott's roles & responsibilities as CEO

26:43 - Why write "Be Where Your Feet Are"?

35:30 - Stories that didn’t make the book

40:05 - How to "assume positive intent"

43:23 - Is work/life balance attainable?

45:50 - Implementing lessons from the book

46:13 - “Rapid fire” questions

53:28 - "Encore"